Looking for Senior PHP developer

Hello. We’re Ubie, an international web development company located in Lithuania, United States, United Kingdom and Ukraine. Ubie has the greatest asset is our team of innovative software engineers, analysts, designers and developers. The experience of our team forms the values that allows us to work across a broad range of platforms and programming languages. Our team will develop the exact solution for your needs, ultimately making your business more effective and profitable.


  • Good object-oriented design (OOD) skills
  • Strong knowledge of PHP
  • Strong knowledge of SQL and MySQL server
  • Experience in database design
  • Experience with at least one web MVC framework
  • Experience with PHPUnit and automation testing
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of SOAP and REST
  • Good communication skills


  • Experience with Symfony2 is a big plus
  • Experience with extreme programming practices like Continuous Integration, planning, code review is a big plus
  • Experience with ECommerce platforms (Magento, PrestaShop)
  • Experience with CRM


  • Write clean and well designed code
  • Solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges
  • Develop and design new features
  • Maintain existing code base and troubleshoot issues

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You can also send us an email to hello@ubie.io or just make a call +370 (679) 61 633

Why Senior PHP developer should consider working at Ubie?

Large scale projects

All projects we sign are longterm. We don’t develop shorter than 6 months scale projects. Large projects require special expertise and knowledge, but on the other it gives extraordinary experience and self development. Each project has a challenge which allows us to try and implement new technologies.

Professional tools & toys

Our team use the latest software and tools. We try to improve processes like coding and software development, deployment, testing and QA each day. We use phpStorm as default IDE. Developers has the same environment, the same configuration, the same attitude and the same process.

No barriers only opportunities

We work using Agile Software development and full GitFlow proccess. Our code is fully covered by unit tests and this is why we use Continuous Integration and TDD. The team build requirements and standards to itself, choose technologies and work principles to achieve the best result.

Software development process at Ubie